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Large Machinery Lot
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One of Warren's favorite spots to play was the large machinery lot. It was one of Warren's chores as a youngster to keep this lot spic and span. This photo also shows the drills that were sold that year which helped put in the 1943 crop. 
Things were going smoothly back at the Throckmorton farm. Warren's three older sisters had helped generously with the farm chores with no complaints. 

That was—until Betty entered a contest.

It seems that after she was chosen to reign at the 1947 American Royal Live Stock show, she decided that she was tired of farming. 

Looking back at those times, a tractor umbrella during those war years would have helped matters considerably. . . Anyway—she then decided on her own to take up professional modeling. 



Well low and behold she landed her first modeling job with a cereal company clear up in Omaha.


—We kept the clipping.