The Early Years - Page 2

Everyone worked hard at satisfying the customers needs.

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View of the impressive Sample Floor & Parts Dept.
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Warren Senior has had a most capable assistant from the very beginning . . . one who has relieved him of the responsibility of much of the inside work.
Thelma handles the books, settlements, repair parts cards, and lends a hand whenever needed in the repair parts department. 

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Warren Senior was very lucky to get Chet Riley, a man with a lot of experience and initiative. 

Every once in a while he and Chet would get  away from it a while and manage to get out along the banks of a nearby lake to try their luck.

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Three overhaul jobs are ready for Chet and Orval to go through the shop. . . one of the best equipped in Western Kansas.  

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Prior to overhauling and painting, Chet is seen here washing a John Deere Tractor with  a pressure steam cleaner .

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Orval Prickett completes the overhaul job
by spraying on a new coat of paint.