Part 1: The Early Years

Celebrate Farming!

"Celebrate the Life and Times of
Warren T. Throckmorton"

Part 1:  The Early Years

Discover for yourself why we chose Warren to be our highly paid spokesman for

Part 1 in this series chronicles the early years when Warren was developing an interest and a certain knack for farming.

(Just so you know...Warren T. is a fictional character, but embodies all of the great farmers we now know, or once knew.)

Early life...

We don't know much about Warren as a youngster—one of  these lads to the left is Warren and we're not sure which. We do know that he developed a fondness for overalls at an early age.

Growing up in Western Kansas,
          Warren Jr. enjoyed 3 things most.

1. Celebrating

    2. Farming

    3. Celebrating Farming

Much of Warren's farm machinery know-how came as a natural result from hanging around his father's tractor dealership.

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Warren Senior with his wife Thelma are standing in front of their implement dealership along with two of their top-notch servicemen, Chet Riley and Orval Prickett.

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Warren Senior had a commitment to the policies of handling only the highest quality merchandise, providing outstanding service, and charging a fair price. Mr. and Mrs. Throckmorton have their hands full with running a business and raising a large family—three boys and three girls!