A Teenager's Life in the Midwest - Page 3

Betty, the oldest and the absolute ruler of the Throckmorton girls, was basking in the limelight—what with her reign as queen and then all the fuss associated with being the ad girl for a major Cereal company...

Then Reta, a year younger than Betty, surprised us all by producing a contract with a real live tractor company, Minneapolis-Moline, to do a major ad that will be published in all the Farm journals.

Click to Enlarge the final version of the published ad.

Not to be outdone...   Betty advances her fledgling career as a model one step higher by quickly  applying to the same company. They agree and shortly thereafter this ad appears in most of the farm publications of the day. 

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While all this was taking place, the soft spoken youngest of the sisters came to them one day said quite bluntly, "You both can have your tractors. I'm headed for the SKY!" and then proceeded to show her older sisters the bags she had neatly packed for stewardess training with an up and coming company by the name of Trans World Airlines. 

Below is her TWA graduating class photo. We don't think it's hard to pick her out from the rest.

Carol began her career flying in the famous Lockheed's Constellation otherwise know as the Connie. The history of air passenger service is a fascinating one. Here is one link into this subject area we think you will enjoy: My Internet Album of Airliners and another link for books on the subject.

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